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How does my service work?


Book your appointment

natasha edit6The simplest way to book an appointment is to call, I aim to get back to you within 24hrs. I am aware that when looking for counselling people tend to contact a number of different counsellors, if you use the contact form or send an  email please provide limited information. Remember my appointments are available evening and weekends to fit in with your working commitments; I also have some Friday afternoons available, please call to find out my availability.


This is our first meeting. It is during this session where I find out whether talking therapy is right for you, and whether we can work together; remember counselling is collaborative, and so this assessment is mutual. In sex and relationship therapy the assessment process will take longer, this is so we can explore possible triggers for the problem and look into what may be maintaining the issue. For couples I may ask you to attend individually for further assessment, and see you together again to feedback information gathered from the assessments and also discuss how you will both work towards resolving the issue.

How long will I need therapy for?

Counselling session will last for 50 minutes, a course of sessions could last for 12, perhaps longer. Sessions may be attended weekly or fortnightly, during the initial stages it is preferable to attend weekly and decrease the time between session after assessments.

The number of sessions you will need is dependent and on the issues we are addressing, in sex therapy you can expect a minimum of 4 sessions. For counselling we will do an interim assessment to see how we are doing and whether further counselling is still necessary.

Is counselling confidential?

You should feel reassured to know that counselling is confidential, however there may be issues where I may feel I need to breach your confidentiality, this is addressed in the counselling contract. One example is if you disclose to me you are going to harm yourself or someone, in these cases I would need to call you GP or emergency services. This is why I ask you to for your GP’s details, your address and also details of your next of kin.


Individual counselling £60 per hour

Couples £68 per hour

Payment is accepted via bank transfer

Key worker discounts are available